ESPHS Columns in The Stamp Insider

We are pleased to offer the Empire State Postal History Society columns which appeared in the The Stamp Insider from 2013 to 2018. Many thanks to Glenn Estus for providing the PDFs of each article.

As of January 2019, The Stamp Insider is no longer being published. Before his passing in 2020, Al Starkweather graciously agreed to keep the website active so that visitors can read past issues HERE.

The ESPHS Columns: 2013-2018

pdf 19th Century Health Care—Quack Quack?, By Gerald Wiley, SI 2018-01
pdf A Ghostly Rarity, By Glenn A. Estus, SI 2017-11
pdf Who Was Nero Grant?, By Heather Sweeting, SI 2017-09
pdf How East Hamburgh Became Orchard Park, By Alfred Carroccia, SI 2017-07
pdf Fishers Landing Postmaster Postmark, By Glenn A. Estus, SI 2017-05
pdf A Small Story About Riseleys, By Maris Tirums, SI 2017-03
pdf Temperance and Prohibition Movements, By Gerald Wiley, SI 2017-01
pdf Society Launches New & Improved Website, By Charles J. DiComo, SI 2016-11a
pdf Society Launches New & Improved Website, Part II, By Charles J. DiComo, SI 2016-11b
pdf A Disappearing Post Office, By Alfred Carroccia, SI 2016-09
pdf Mail Order Opium, By Maris Tirums, SI 2016-07
pdf Missing in Action, By Heather Sweeting, SI 2016-05
pdf Elusive New York Postmarks Sought for Book, By Glenn A. Estus, SI 2016-03a
pdf The 4-Bar Handcancel Challenge, By Glenn A. Estus, SI 2016-03b
pdf James D. LeRay de Chaumont, By Gerald Wiley, SI 2016-01
pdf Instant Messaging in Only a Month, By Glenn A. Estus, SI 2015-11
pdf Old Buffalo City Hall Covers Appealing, By Alfred Carroccia, SI 2015-09
pdf Millard Fillmore, Comptroller, By Maris Tirums, SI 2015-07
pdf Return to Sender, By Robert Bramwell, SI 2015-05
pdf Rediscovering a Forgotten Cover, By Glenn A. Estus, SI 2015-03
pdf Fast Mail in the Nineteenth Century, By Gerald Wiley, SI 2015-01
pdf Look Inside FLS for Hidden Treasure, By David E. Williams, SI 2014-11
pdf Adding Up the Pluses, By Glenn A. Estus, SI 2014-09
pdf A Cover With Registered Mail Stamp, By Maris Tirums, SI 2014-07
pdf Pink Pills For Pale People, By Bob Bramwell, SI 2014-05
pdf McKinley’s Summer White House, By Glenn A. Estus, SI 2014-03
pdf Letters to a Stenographer, By Alfred Carroccia, SI 2014-01
pdf Auxiliary Markings Galore, By David Williams, SI 2013-11
pdf Collecting Postmaster/County Cancels, By Glenn A. Estus, SI 2013-09
pdf A Pre-Civil War Knoxville to Knoxville Cover, By Alan Parsons, SI 2013-07
pdf Possible Pilferage or an Innocent Mistake?, By Maris Tirums, SI 2013-05
pdf Advertising Covers Show Area’s Growth, By Gerald Wiley, SI 2013-03
pdf Poster Stamps Promoted Drama Festival, By Bob Bramwell, SI 2013-01
pdf Interests Unite Through Dealer’s Box, By David E. Williams, SI 2012-11
pdf The Story of a Cover, By George McGowan, SI 2012-09
pdf Moving the Mail by Highway, By Alfred Carroccia, SI 2012-07
pdf NRA Propaganda on Business Mail, By Maris Tirums, SI 2012-05
pdf Wanakena Survived the Lumber Boom, By Gerald Wiley, SI 2012-03
pdf An Early Global Marketing Firm’s Tribulations, By Bob Bramwell, SI 2012-01
pdf Chasing Pan-American Exposition Cancels, By Alfred Carroccia, SI 2011-11
pdf Are You Interested in History?, By David Przepiora, SI 2011-09
pdf Collecting New York Flag Cancels, By George McGowan, SI 2011-07
pdf Seeing Stars, By David E. Williams, SI 2011-05
pdf Hudson River Mail Poses a Challenge, By Maris Tirums, SI 2011-03
pdf A Long-Delayed Postmark for Long Beach, By Frank Braithwaite, SI 2011-01
pdf Fairfield and the Academy, By Gerald Wiley, SI 2010-11
pdf A Hudson River Mail Cover, By George McGowan, SI 2010-09
pdf Subdivided Out of Existence, By Alfred Carroccia, SI 2010-07
pdf Missent and Forwarded, By Frank Braithwaite, SI 2010-05
pdf Where Did the Little Postman Come From?, By Maris Tirums, SI 2010-03
pdf Peeling Back The History of a Cover, By Albert W. Starkweather, SI 2010-01
pdf Missent Mail Forced Name Change, By Gerald F. Wiley, SI 2009-11
pdf New Yorker Palmer & Clark, SI 2009-09
pdf Only the Name is the Same, By Frank Braithwaite, SI 2009-07
pdf Ebenezer Post Office had Strong German Ties, By Alfred Carroccia, SI 2009-05
pdf Addressee Adds Interest, By Maris Tirums, SI 2009-03
pdf An 1894 Train Wreck on Lake Champlain, By Glenn A. Estus, SI 2009-01
pdf Colton’s Namesake Was a Mover, Gerald F. Wiley, SI 2008-11
pdf The Lure of Slogan Cancellations, By Heather Sweeting, SI 2008-09
pdf General Delivery, By George McGowan, SI 2008-07
pdf ESPHS Rejects Stamp Insider Funding, By John Nunes, SI 2008-05
pdf No Joke-A real Message in a Bottle, By Frank Braithwaite, SI 2008-03
pdf Small Towns Provide Many Interesting Items, By glenn A. Estus, SI 2008-01
pdf A Confluence of Philately and History, By George DeKornfeld, SI 2007-11
pdf Woodstock Special Event Cancel, By Maris Tirums, SI 2007-09
pdf The Mysterious Form 29, By Drew A. Nicholson, SI 2007-07
pdf RMS Operated Fulton Chain Mail Boat, By Gerald F. Wiley, SI 2007-05
pdf Talking Postal History, By Frank Braithwaite, SI 2007-03
pdf Once a Village-Now a Station, By Maris Tirums, SI 2007-01
pdf Postmaster and County Cancels, By Glenn Estus, SI 2006-11
pdf A Puzzling Letter from Long Ago, By Heather Sweeting, SI 2006-09
pdf A New Meaning for Holiday Spray, By Heather Sweeting, SI 2005-11
pdf Registered Mail Postmarks, By Maris Tirums, SI 2005-09
pdf Pine Camp Military Reservation, By Gerald F. Wiley, SI 2005-07
pdf Label Offers the “Strait” Truth, By Joseph T. Rowbottom III, SI 2005-05
pdf An Underpaid Cover to India, By Heather Sweeting, SI 2005-03
pdf When Was a Penny Postcard Not a Penny?, By Maris Tirums, SI 2005-01
pdf The Richard-Pulaski Post Office Transition, By Nicholas Todaro, SI 2004-11
pdf Fall Meeting Schedule; ESPHS Wins ROPEX Competition; Webmaster Praised, By Alan Parson, SI 2004-09
pdf President’s Message; Excellent Financial Health; Promotion Opportunities, SI 2004-07
pdf The Collecting Gene; A Letter from Fairhaven, By Heather Sweeting, SI 2004-05a
pdf The Collecting Gene-continued, By Heather Sweeting, SI 2004-05b
pdf A Madison Entrepreneur, By Joseph Rowbottom, SI 2004-01
pdf Ulster County DPO, By Maris Tirums, SI 2004-03
pdf When I’m the President, By Nick Todaro, SI 2003-11