Sweeting Bio

C.H. Sweeting (1934-2003)

… One of the founders of the ESPHS in 1967, Charlie was its first President & remained an officer of the Society until 1992, 25 years after its founding. He made many contributions to the Society during his tenure & could always be counted on for help.


… In addition to his ESPHS service, Charlie was a dedicated postal history collector, exhibitor & author. As a collector, he specialized in the postal history of Cayuga & Oswego Counties, NY. To Charlie, collecting postal history was like collecting local history, and this led him first, to author 200 Years of Cayuga County, NY Postal History, published by ESPHS (1998), & second, to co-author with his daughter, Heather, Oswego County, NY Postal History, published by ESPHS (2002).

… Each of these volumes organizes in logical, attractive & readable format an immense amount of information relating to the history of postal communications in their respective counties, & is a valuable resource not only for the postal history collector, but also for those persons interested in their local history.