Marcophily of Hudson, NY 1792-1919


It is our pleasure to share with you the 160 page exhibit of Dr. George DeKornfeld. This is the seminal work on the subject, and houses many unique artifacts of Hudson, NY postal history. Enjoy the journey!

Introduction: Named to commemorate Henry Hudson’s first landing on the shores of the upper river, Hudson became the first chartered city in independent America. By 1786, with a population of about 1500, Hudson had several wharves, four large warehouses, shops, barns and a distillery. The presence of twenty-five sea-going vessels made Hudson a major port that included a thriving whaling industry. To meet the burgeoning populations’ need for reliable mail service, the Hudson Post Office opened its doors on June 12, 1792.

Purpose: The purpose of this exhibit is to trace the evolution of the various postal markings (and their combinations) used in Hudson beginning in 1793, the earliest such markings are known.

Organization of Exhibit: This exhibit is loosely arranged chronologically allowing for some overlap of many markings. Grouping is based upon the type of date stamp used; variables include presence and style of obliterator, font, color, usage, and any auxiliary markings utilized.

TO VIEW: Exhibit separated into two parts: page 1-100, then 101-160. Click any image below and a lightbox shall open within your browser. Click arrows to page through.