Electronic Library

The ESPHS has undertaken an ongoing project to digitize the many books the society holds the copyright to. In addition, there will be books that the authors and publishers have kindly given permission to be included here and even publications that are no longer under copyright protection. This is a fledgling project. If you or your organization holds a copyright to a book and would like to see it presented here please let the society know. If there are books that you personally would like to see presented here, again please let us know by contacting Dr. Charles J. DiComo.

Finally, if you find the material presented here to be valuable please support the project and make a contribution to the Empire State Postal History Society so we may add even more content. Please remit to: ESPHS c/o George McGowan, PO Box 482, East Schodack, NY 12063-0482.

New York Postal History: The Post Offices and First Postmasters from 1775 to 1980, by John L. Kay and Chester M. Smith, Jr., 556 pages, 15MB.


NOTE: Each file is an Adobe PDF file. Each potential download target has a library function; the iPad has iBooks, the Kindle its library, etc. You may load the book directly to your library. If one wants optimum useability then we recommend using the appropriate Adobe Acrobat Reader for your specific device. With Adobe Acrobat Reader one can highlight passages, cut and clip passages, enter post-it notes, etc. The options are quite varied. Enjoy!