Sweeting Memorial Award

Donor Stipulations for Memorial Award

The purpose of this award is to encourage postal history exhibiting by members of state philatelic or postal history societies in the northeastern United States by means of an annual or biannual competition between societies representing their respective states.

Northeastern United States is defined as Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio (hereinafter referred as “the ten states”). Each of the ten states must be invited to any competition for this award; actual participation by each of the ten is not required, so long as each is duly invited. States adjoining the ten can be invited to the competition along with the ten.

The competition must be held at a national level (WSP) show in New England, NY, NJ, PA or OH. A state society celebrating an anniversary divisible by five shall have first choice to host the competition; otherwise the first choice shall go to the winning society in each annual or biannual competition, and if this society chooses not to host the following year, then the second place society in the competition shall have first choice, and so on. There are currently seven WSP shows in the area of the ten states, and it is hoped the competition will rotate among all seven shows on a regular basis.

The scoring system for determining the winner of this award at each competition shall be the system agreed upon by the participants at ROPEX 2004, unless and until a majority of those six participants (ME, VT, MA, NY, NJ & OH) agree upon any proposed change.

This award shall remain in the custody of the winning society until a new winner is selected in a competition among at least four of the ten. (June 2004, Revised April 2005)

Al Parsons accepting the Sweeting Award at ROPEX 2011
Al Parsons accepting the Sweeting Award at ROPEX 2011